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Re: I need some advice , please help....

Hi Kevin,

This week I am goin to get retested with my friends (on thursday). I've never been more scared in my life. But I'm going to try to go through with it, as best I could. Thank you so much for telling me your story. I can see how alot of your symptoms were mistaken too for HIV and then your doctor ended up having an expplantion for each and every one of them. That is unbeleive, and such an encouraging story for those that are freaking out about every little symptom connecting it to HIV.

I just sometimes cant beleive how unreal and disturbing my symptoms are (lump in neck...fungus like apearance in back of tongue...and the overwhelming dryness in my throat that wont clear up with antiobitoics. ) I never in my life have experience this and Im in my 30's. What has kept me from losing my mind comletely is having already one test done at 3months and it was neg. uoon my first discovered enlarged node. I was suppose to go see a Thryroid speacialist and now I gotta wait cause I'm having insurance issues.

I think the words I've reiterated to myself over and over again is "I just want my life back"...sooooo desperately.

To Smitler, you are a true blessing and wonderful human being for getting on this board and helping peole with thier issues. Thank you for your advice, and I will report back..hopefully with good news.

In any event, may you all have happiness and a looooong life!!!!