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Should I be Worried About My Dad


My Dad just turned 58 a few days ago. He is very active, eats right, and is not overweight. He has never drank nor smoke. He gets regular checkups from our family doc. He does have slightly elevated blood pressure and takes a generic med. for it and it is well controlled. He also had slightly elevated cholesterol and was placed on a generic med. a while back and it is well controlled. He has had all the prevenative procedures for a man of his age. Colonoscopy was perfect. Heart cath. clean as a whistle.

My concern is about his recent blood test. Every six months he gets a routine blood test to monitor his cholesterol, triglic., etc. They also measure his PSA. I don't know much about this but from what I have researched briefly on the web is that anything below a 4.0 is normal. Well my Dad's recent blood work showed that his PSA jumped slightly above 4.0. I don't know the exact nubmer but it was still in the 4's. His doctor is sending him to a urologist next week.

My question is how concerned should I (or he) be? I know that a PSA test is just an indicator for prostate cancer. But him being 58 and his PSA rising slightly like it has. Is this something to be very concerned about? Or is this typical for someone?

From the little research I have done. I see that his family doc. did what was text book. His PSA was elevated compared to his last test. So, he referred him to a urologist. I just didn't know how to interpret the information? For example should I be worried he has prostate cancer or is this just a routine?

Sorry for such a long message and if I confused anyone, I am sorry. B/C I am a little confused myself.



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