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Re: do you have to take blood thinner for factor v leiden

Originally Posted by tammytp View Post
I have Factor Five Leiden. They found thid out in 2005. I had a DVT frome the calf of my left leg that extened above my knee. I was on cumadim for a year and lovenox shots for 2months befor they found out what I had. I am now 50 years old and have not had any problem since. I have to grown childen who do not have Factor V. I take 2 baby asprin every day to try and control the thinness of my blood. I still have pain in my left leg and it still swells every day due to the fact that my vein is damaged. But the funny thing is my right foot also swells. I don't know why. Maybe I put more weight on it to compensate for my left leg. Anyone have this problem?
I also have the blood clotting disorder. I am now 64. when I was 41 I had a DVT in my left leg. I had a couple more and one went to my lung. Both my children and my granddaughter have the factor five. My 38 year old daughter had a blood clot in her upper arm close to her shoulder after she had her tonsils out. I have been taking coumadin for 21 years and have to wear surgical stocking for my legs. What a bummer.