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Red face What does my brain MRI mean?

What does my MRI results mean?
Ok I have been having a lot of neurological problems and just had my MRI and am unable to decipher it.
Here are some of the symptoms I've been having :I also should let you know that the MRI was without contrast .
I started having symptoms 3 years ago with sever burning in my legs along with muscle weakness. I literly had to sit while it was happening or I would fall.
I had no more symptoms till January, where I got the burning in the legs again and muscle weakness in which it had caused me to fall. Days later my right eye started to hurt upon moving it and my vision stated to go over a few days, I went to the eye doc and he diagnosed Optic Neuritis.
These are all my symptoms I have now:
-burning in legs along with muscle weakness
-vision problems from ON
-jumping/twitching nerves which make me itch
-pins and needles in the legs
-numbness on left foot
-ankle clonus
-over active reflexes
-major major cognitive problems I have to write everything down
-lower back pain
-dizzinesss when moving eyes back and forth

This is what the MRI says it is of my Brain and Thoracic spine

HISTORY: Optic Neuritis. Sensory level at umbilicus. Possible Demyelination

TECHNIQUE: T1, T2 density Imaging has been performed attention to the Thoracic spine. T1, T2, Flair, diffusion and gradient eco Imaging is performed of the brain.

FINDINGS: There are tiny nonspecific white matter focus seen in the subcortical white matter of the inferior left frontal lobe best seen on sagittal Imaging.
Measures a couple of millimetres and is nonspecific.
No other definite evidence of abnormal signal seen within white matter within the brain, brain stem or proximal cervical spinal cord.

Is no evidence of mass lesion or mass effect,hydrocephalus or acuye infraction or hemorrhage.

The alignment of the thoracic spine is normal. Vertebral body and disc space heights are well preserved. Is no evidence of disc herniation, spinal stenosis or forminal narrowing.
The spinal cord appears normal in signal on all pulse sequences. |Is noevidance of demyelinating disease. See no Evidence of mass lesion, syrinx or other thoracic spinal cord pathology.

Incidental note is made of 6 lumbar type vertebral bodies

INTERPRETATION: Tiny nonspecific focus increased signal white matter left frontal lobe. This is of questionable significance.

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