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Re: What does my brain MRI mean?

HI again, the fact that it said questionable signifacance means that it wasnt specific enough to know what it meant....and that could still be because there wasnt contrast ordered and because there wasnt a Cspine order. Tiny nonspecific focus increased signal white matter of the left frontal lobe is actually not a bad thing...the fact that its unspecific is still stating that its not screaming MS lesions! if it were specific, it would clearly state that the lesions were MS related, or that the size and shape and placement indicated MS...

It is concerning that a neurologist who was trying to rule out MS woudnt order the complete MS work-up might want to question this doctor. Ask him how many MS patients he has, whether or not you should be refered to a MS specialist- and WHY he didnt order contrast and/or Cspine - since thats where lesions are usually found for MS (if they arent in the brain). IT is true that they can show up in the Thoracic area, but since yours appears clean, further studies are going to be necessary to rule out MS.

Hope you get some answers, but honestly, I wouldnt be stressing over this. Its not a horrible interpretation, it doesnt scream of anything at all- and unfortunately this means further testing for you...
feel better.
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