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Re: What should we be asking?

Sorry to hear you are still in limbo, I know how frustrating that can be. I would not take a wait and see approach if this next biopsy comes back negative. I would urge your dad to get a second opinion. I have been reading anything and everything on lung cancer over the last month and have read stories where patients were told the same (wait and see) and meanwhile the cancer spreads. The mass in your dad’s case sounds localized, and if that is the case he could have an excellent prognosis. When do you get the biopsy results back? Either way, you might want to get a 2nd opinion. If it is cancer, you will want to deal with it asap.

To update you on what is going on with my mom, we got a second opinion at an extremely reputable cancer center and she feels that my moms spot is not cancer, and is Bronchiectasis. She has a follow up CT today and we meet again next week, but I am feeling more hopeful. Here is my mom’s story in case you are curious.

Dec 2009 - mom went to the Dr with pneumonia like symptoms (coughing and fatigue) and was put on antibiotics
January 2010 -follow up X-ray revealed pneumonia had not cleared despite her feeling 100% better
January 2010 - CT was ordered which revealed a tumor located in her upper right lobe blocking the airway- her right upper lobe is partially collapsed as a result of the obstruction.
February 2010 - bronchospcopy and biopsy a few weeks ago came back inconclusive. Referred to UW for an EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound) .
February 23, 2010 - opinion of thoracic surgeon is that this isn’t cancer, and is Bronchiectasis . CT is being done today and we meet to discuss the scan next week.

Good luck to you and keep us posted -

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