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Re: transvaginal ultrasound & endometrial biopsy

I don't know who told you that a pap is merely uncomfortable but I'm telling you I've never had a pap smear that didn't hurt. It caused pain. Maybe some women have a higher threshold for pain but not me. I can't handle pain, not at all. But somehow I managed to live through a tonsillectomy at 32 yrs old, a kidney stone attack at 33 and a gall bladder removal at 34, not to mention 4 separate polypectomy/D&C's. All of these surgeries happened since 2006. And I lived to tell about it.

The ultrasound does not hurt. Not at all. I think you're overreacting to cancel that appointment. If you were getting a biopsy or a pap smear I'd be totally honest and say that yes it hurts, you should expect some pain. But an ultrasound?? I'm telling you there's no pain involved. What are you so afraid of? Why are you so afraid of something that feels no different than you sticking in a tampon? I'm telling you you're totally overreacting. If it was painful I would tell you flat out because I'm not in the business of lying to people about stuff like that.

I got a tattoo a year ago. Me, the person who is so terrified of needles that I get a full blown panic attack while waiting to get in IV put in. But I went and got a tattoo because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Did it hurt? Hell Yeah it totally did! Anyone who says it doesn't hurt is totally lying to you! By the same token, I'm telling you right now that there are certain procedures that hurt and certain ones that don't. And the ultrasound does not hurt.

I don't understand this. I can't understand why someone would rather live with having daily spotting ongoing for who knows how long having who knows what going on in the uterus causing it, rather than to go in for a simple test that doesn't even hurt to figure out what's wrong. That makes no sense to me. Sometimes in life we have to submit ourselves to tests that we don't necessarily want but that will help diagnose our problems. Without the proper diagnostic tests, no treatment can be given. I can't believe you would rather not know what's wrong than to go get this simple test done. It makes no sense to me.