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Re: transvaginal ultrasound & endometrial biopsy


Pap smears are excruciating for me as well so I completely understand how you feel. The reason for mine being so painful is that my cervix is retroverted (faces up rather than directly at the physician when they are looking) so it is much more difficult to perform the pap. I have to say that when a gyne does it (raher than my GP), it is much less painful but nevertheless. I have found that if I place my hands under the small of my back so that my pelvis rotates downwards, it makes the pap a lot less painful because the cervix becomes more visible (this is a trick a doctor gave me once and it works!).

I would urge you to have the ultrasound done. If you are nervous about it being invasive then ask for an external ultrasound instead of a transvaginal one. The external ultrasound is completely noninvasive and all they do is to put some vaseline on your tummy and run a wand across it. That's it ! It does not hurt AT ALL.

For the transvaginal one, they do insert the wand into your vagina but there is no saline solution involved as was previously described (this is called a hysteroscopy and it is used for certain procedures where they have to inflate the uterus in order to see better .. the uterus is folded in on itself when at rest .. the transvaginal ultrasound only involves the wand in the vagina .. that's it!). But even if you consider this too invasive then ask for the external ultrasound.

As I mentioned before, by having the ultrasound, you may be preventing a future problem from occurring. I completely understand your attitude and I too have that opinion about physicians .. that they tend to poo poo procedures, saying that they are minor or not painful or non invasive when we consider them to be the exact opposite. HOWEVER, you should not let this prevent you from getting the appropriate health care that you deserve. In my case, I have decided to take charge and I know EXACTLY what is going to be done to me and why. I also have to be in agreement with the procedure and with its necessity. It is a lot of reading and work but well worth my health. Medical procedures are sometimes necessary and I agree that they should be the least invasive possible.

An external ultrasound will still give your physician the information she requires and it is completely non invasive (there is also no radiation like other scans .. it uses sound waves). Don't let your stupid doctor (underplaying the "discomfort" of an endo biopsy is really stupid in my opinion ... look at how it compromised your trust) prevent you from getting the correct health care. If you don't like her, dump her ! You are the boss.

Take care of yourself.


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