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Re: transvaginal ultrasound & endometrial biopsy

Yeah, I have to agree here. I have my own GYN problems and sometimes feel like they should just "take everything out" and be done with it so I dont have to go back.....but in the end, I go back and do whatever they tell me because too many women in my family have died from undiagnosed Cancers of female parts.

The transvaginal Ultrasound is aboslutely nothing. It takes ten minutes and its over, and its EXACTLY like most of the posters said. A wand like thing, covered in a sheathe (like a condom) which is inserted into you- by the way, they cover you with a sheet and you actually can insert it yourself....then the tech wiggles it around and you can see on the screen exactly what the wand is seeing and they click a mouse and snap a picture. NO PAIN and NO BIG DEAL. iVe also had the saline one- which does cause alittle cramping, I have had 7 biopsies in the past 4 years and every single one of them hurt. Whoever says they dont, is least your doctor didnt lie and say it wouldnt, right? Im at the point now where Ive had ablation, a tubal and 3 removals of cysts and now Im seriously considering the whole hysterectomy- nothing they have done so far has alliviated my pain or bleeding....even the ablation, which they SWORE would make a differnce! At this point, everything they have done so far has been inconclusive- therefore I think I can solve the whole dilemma by removing the anatomy in question!

Go back to the doctor, get the ultrasound done. See what it shows and make decisions from there. Chances are it will be normal and your journey will end here....but in case it does show something- do you really want to risk your health and live with something that might have been curable if it was detected earlier?
Do it. Dont overthink it, just do it!
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