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Re: transvaginal ultrasound & endometrial biopsy

Hello ladies,

Not all ultrasounds to look at the female parts involve inserting the wand into you. The external ultrasound does NOT insert anything into the vagina. I spend almost two years having external ultrasounds to look at my uterus and ovaries and at no point in time was anything inserted into my vagina. I have also had a transvaginal ultrasound and for this procedure they do insert the wand into the vagina. Two different types of ultrasounds which look at the same thing but from different angles.

If "mycatsmom" is afraid of having an invasive procedure, the external is the best way to go as they only run the wand over your tummy, that's it, that's all !

MSNik, I am sorry to hear about all of the trouble you are going through and the fact that you are STILL having bleeding even after endometrial ablation. I guess this means that the lining grew back ? I have also heard that after the ablation they can no longer perform the biopsy because of all the scar tissue. I am not convinced that this is the panacea that they claim it is. As for the cysts, this is awful too. I lost my left ovary and tube to a very large cyst last year and I know how unnerving these things can be. Hang in there and keep beeing vigilant. It is indeed a pain having to book your doctor into your schedule so many times during the year and I was starting to get "doctorophobia" for a while there. In the end though I am happy that I did not stop going because the anxiety of not knowing would have been much much worse than any test I went through. The test is over at some point while the anxiety is ongoing. I still have a problem (side effect from the surgery) which is slowly going away with treatment but at least I don't have to see my doctor every other month, thank goodness.

Best wishes for great health and peace of mind !