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Re: Optic neuritis??

Hi there. Thats quite a story. Yes, it sounds like you have Optical Neuritis. The test they probably want you to do is a visual field test, which checks your peripheral vision and your ability to see colors. The test is like a video game. No pain involved at basically look at a monitor and with one eye covered, hold a clicker in your hand, and when you see the "star" or bright light, click the button....then they repeat it with your other eye covered. The machine monitors how many you saw and how many you missed.
it takes less then 20 minutes and they might also ask you to look at the books with the colored dots and ask you what you see. This is to see how your color blindness is working or not working.

Steroids, if administered Orally, are a waste of time. Old school said that a dose pack of Prendisone would make a difference. It doent. It helps with the pain but the ON always returns. You need IV steroids- given for at least 5 days in order to reduce the inflammation and correct this once and for all. It will keep coming back if you do anything less then that. Now, I dont know if you have ever done IVSM but its not all that bad. More inconvienent then anything..I actually go to work and school with the IV in my arm- just tuck it up under a long sleeved shirt and no one will know its there. It doesnt have to be missing out on life while you do it....but thats me, and I tend to push myself too hard. The only down side of IVSM is you will have trouble sleeping and it might make you both hungry and emotional. If you can handle that- you can handle this.

Let us know how your test goes and try not to worry....this is one of those things we have to deal with now and then, but it wont hurt you in the long WILL be okay. Just do what the doctor says.

RRMS- dx 05

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