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Lifetime of problems. Possible cause? Progesterone?

Hey, let me start by saying I am a 21 year old male, 6'2 and weigh about 220 pounds. BMI of roughly 30. This might be a little long winded and, well, long, but I appreciate any help that can be given, as I feel pretty lost. Will provide "cliffnotes" I suppose!

I have, for my entire life, had a load of health problems. I was first diagnosed with Asthma when I was very young, and it was life threatening for a few years, but has slowly progressed to being just a huge hassle now. I have also had very bad allergies for as long as I can remember, running noses, stuffed noses, dull headaches dry itchy skin and eyes, etc. Getting an allergy irritant skin test done the doctor was surprised and said literally "You are allergic to the world". Allergies come and go, although present almost every day they get much worse and much better depending where I go and what season it is.

Fatigue. I can remember this being a problem every day since Freshman year of high school, when I was obviously no longer able to sleep in every day. I thought it was just a result of having to wake up very early every day that caused fatigue throughout the day, but I was always tired. After school ends, I am still very tired quite often, although sleeping in helps some.

Overweight, this could be an isolated issue, but I have always been overweight since adolescence. I realize I had a very poor diet and never felt good enough to exercise, but I am making changes to this and I "try" my best to fix it. I have gone from 250 pounds (all at 6'2 and 250 was the heaviest I have ever been) to 200 pounds over four months of eating healthy (and still eating a lot, but much, much better foods). I have pretty quickly gained this weight back, although I am very surprised how quickly (I don't have a terrible diet, I just over-eat).

Now, excuses excuses I know. but here is why I over-eat and I never noticed this until recently. I have been for the past couple years eating better than most people MOST of the time, but I over eat pretty often and eat too frequently, and some times need to eat whatever is infront of me. This may be a completely different issue, but possibly not, anyways, I don't want this to be the primary focus of the topic.
I feel pretty tired, and ****** on average (allergies, asthma, fatigue, etc.). When I don't eat for a while, I feel what I would like to call hunger, but I don't think it is hunger. I have an intense urge to eat, because I am aware it will cure the symptoms I start to feel. I start to feel even more tired, drained, irritable, but worst of all shakey jittery and miserable.

I was just reading about someone going through heroin withdrawlls, and that reminded me of how I feel when I want to eat. I might honestly be able to say I dont remember what is like to feel legitamately hungry, because the feelings I get that are alleiviated by eating are so, so terrible, that I never wait that long to feel real hunger.

Now, with that said, yes I am overweight, borderline obese, and I realize being overweight causes health problems, but I am not severely over weight, and I have had severe health problems for my entire life, even before I was overweight. So, since I am trying to put everything out there, I feel it needs to be covered but again it is not an "I need to lose weight" thread. More along the lines of asthma or allergies since they are worse problems I feel.

Anyways, ontop of that, I have a hard time thinking. I don't know how to explain it better than that, I was diagnosed with ADD as well. I feel like I am in complete "autopilot". I auto respond to conversations and think about them later for example.

I was born with very poor hearing in my left ear, borderline deaf.

I have nasal polyps. I am unable to breathe through my nose. I had them surgically removed, but the surgery was about as helpful as could be, I was able to breathe through my nose for about two or three days and then immediately the polyps were back. This was an out of pocket cost over ten thousand which is a massive chunk of money to me. Relieved nothing.

I had blackouts, where I would stand up and just have everything go black for a few seconds, and return a few seconds later (blackness, then light slowly returning). This was never bad enough to make me do so much as fall over, and never frequent enough to get me to see a doctor about them. I have not had a blackout in about a year, so I don't think it is as much of an issue now, but it is a weird abnormality I feel I should include.

I seem go to through bouts of minor depression, nothing too serious but just times where I am unhappy and don't enjoy things. No thoughts of suicide or such, and it seemst o be fairly minor.


I have many medical problems, most since birth, including:
-Asthma (went from life threatening to manageable but very bothersome today)
-Chronic allergies (have seen little to no improvement, including taking claritin/zyrtec)
-Fatigue, tired always. Inability to focus or concentrate
-Nasal Polyps (can't breathe through nose. surgically removed, immediately returned)
-Minor depression
-partially deaf in left ear
-Dry itchy skin, eyes, throat. (Wind from a small house fan is incredible irritating for my eyes, cause them to "Dry up")

I have just as a few days ago returned from doing an extensive check up on allergies and asthma, and it remains pretty much the same. I still have all of these health problems, with the exception of blackouts in the past year.

If anyone has any advice or any possible root cause to these symptoms, anything to look into or anything like that I am obviously thrilled to hear any advice. I live in Thailand now, where medical expenses are much lower and the quality of service is similar to that in the States, so I can afford to see doctors and I really want to feel healthy for once in my life!

ANY feedback appreciated-- but here is something I just noticed today while looking into possibly getting a second surgery to remove nasal polyps, as my breathing has been getting worse in the past couple of weeks.

- The idea that maybe there is one root cause, or source of most of my symptoms. This would be near impossible for any doctor to see without extensive knowledge of all of my conditions which specialists don't seem to care to listen to

- Might be crazy, and I am just now looking into this, but could this possibly be an adrenal problem? I had thought something like (my body being terrible at working with itself) this might be related to hormones. Then, I saw this:

hi everyone thought i would say a few words i have had my polyps removed last year after a couple of years of not being able to breath through my nose, had no sense of smell or taste, well i started to get blocked again went back to the ent and the polyps are growing back. ---
i thought here we go again, lots of pills and sprays later back to square one, the doctors don't know what causes this, i also have asthma and allergies,(which started later in life)i asked my doctor several times if this could be related to hormones, he never answered my question,---

to make a long story short, i started on (cream)progesterone, 1\4 tsp on my skin twice a day, 4 day i could smell and taste,i have been on it for a month and you would not believe the difference, i feel i have my life back, can breathe, i know some people will poo poo this, also i take 2 garlic tabs a day, the progesterone is NATURAL, so take some time to check this out for your self, you will be like me, my jaw dropped while i was reading about the natural pro, and how it can help with the sinuses among other things


I haved looked into progesterone, it seems like it is mostly a "female" steroid, but is found in males. A low level of progesterone seems to cause:

, symptoms of estrogen dominance[seems to be the same as progesterone deficiency] that men can experience include weight gain, bloating, mood swings, irritability, headaches, fatigue, depression and hypoglycemia
it also seems like craving of carbohydrates and memory loss are symptoms.

I have been a hopeless case for a long time, but this is giving me a pipe dream and something to research for the next few hours. ANy thoughts or help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks! (I will check in regularly incase anyone wanted to ask a question or any responses are posted)

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