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Re: Lifetime of problems. Possible cause? Progesterone?

I am trying to follow a good diet plan again now, but the feeling that I really need to eat NOW that comes up is the problem more so than what is being eaten I think. I generally keep healthy snacks around, but when out and about and I feel miserable, a fast-food joint is like a quick-fix to feeling normal again. Definitely getting on a good diet is one of the easier things to do.

I am indeed seeing doctors for asthma and I am on daily medication, and have been for my entire life.

I want to do allergy shots, but it would be near impossible for me. It requires something like taking them every week for six months then every month for three years (if I vaguely remember correctly). I am doing a lot of travel from country to country and would have to miss a lot of shots in a row, which would render it useless. If you could use your own needle and they just gave you a timeline and told you which to inject I would be much more likely to do it, although that might be a hassle getting through international airlines.. haha

Thanks for the reply!