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Re: These are the procedures that docotr is recommending, would appreciate input plea

I had the flat foot reconstruction surgery 3.5 weeks ago but I did not have any joints fused. My doctor told me that if I had had any arthritis visible in the joints then he would have to do a fusion (arthrodesis) because the bones would need the support of a fusion. A triple arthrodesis means a fusion of 3 joints in the foot. I'm guessing that since it is for pronation that it will be the calcaneal-cuboid (outside edge of foot), calcaneal-cuneiform (instep of foot) and the cuneiform-first metatarsal (also the instep). I had the gastroc lengthening done just to release my tight calf muscle so that the muscle didn't pull too much on the new placement of the foot. The doctor made a 1.5 inch incision on my lower calf to do this. That isn't so bad at all. The first ray-cuneiform arthrodesis in plantar flexion just means that he will fuse the instep so that there is a natural arch shape again. The iliac crest aspiration must mean that he will be taking bone from your pelvis to fill in the joints of your foot. I chose to use cadaver bone in my surgery. My doctor gave me that option and said that it was a lot more comfortable than taking it out of the pelvis. Since you have RA maybe he feels that he has to use your own bone. That would be a good question to ask him. I would bet that at your age and your history that the NWB time for you will be more than 6 weeks. My doctor told me it averages between 6-10 weeks based on your health and age. I hope this helped. Good luck with your surgery and keep posting. The NWB period I am finding mentally difficult.