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Mold? I have had it in my basement for up to 10 years!

I have had mold in my basement for up to 10 years due to flood and all. I don't smell it in my room, when I go to my basement it smells very musky and thick. How do I know if the mold is in my room? In my basement there is no sheetrock sperating it from the woodfloor so I would be able to see if the mold is on my floor, which it is not. It seems as if the mold is just around the walls of where the leaks were and haven't moved. It looks like it is black mold.

The reason why I am asking is because for the pass 8 months, I have had hot flashes, random headaches, mild concentration issues, short term memory loss.

This has happened all of a sudden. I am wondering if the mold has had something to do with it.

I just got blood tested and I had a high level of ammonia in my blood.....

But the basement is the foundation of the house and no one else in the house is effected either.

When I am out of my house I also feel these symptoms as well. So it leads me to believe it isn't the mold, but at the same time could it still be it?

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