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Re: These are the procedures that docotr is recommending, would appreciate input plea

I rented a knee roll-about with a basket (a must) and swivel wheels (another must). I had to pay extra for those 2 things but you'll need them! I also have a pair of crutches that I use when I go out of the house and I have a borrowed walker upstairs. I don't like the walker because I don't feel stable using it. I am using a shower seat which is definitely necessary. Bathing/ showering is tough and you need to give yourself a lot of time. I park my scooter right next to the shower so I can literally get on it straight from the shower. There was a lady in the waiting room who was using a knee scooter with a pillow strapped on the seat and she told me it was because she had had a knee replacement. She said it was fine once she started using the pillow but she warned to be very careful about the pillow slipping out which may cause you to lose balance. You can rent smaller "house" wheelchairs also. Good luck.