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I've had a cold/sinus/ear congestion for a month!

I'm tired of feeling like crud. I've tried literally everything over the counter and my doctor keeps telling me "it must be viral." My fever will range between 98.9-99.9 and I have had a productive cough for the most part. My ears are both stopped up and won't pop. When I blow my nose they pop and are extremely painful when popping - but go right back to being stopped up. My nose is raw on the outside from blowing it so much.

(Gosh I really paint an ugly picture! LOL)

Has anyone else gone through this? WHAT GIVES?????

I've gone through an entire box of Sudafed, bottle of liquid Benadryl (yuck), Excedrin, Tylenol, Claritin D (not the entire box), and nothing helps.

Any suggestions?


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