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Unhappy Re: Chronic Cough/Sinusitis?

Hey deannaj1183 and everyone, I'm new to this and your post hit home the most with me because I suffer a gagging chronic cough. I have suffered with this since around Sept/Oct 2009. I have seen about 5 doctors, I taken prednisone, cough syrup, and 3 or 4 different antibioctics - I'm currently taking generic prilosec with nasal spray. None of these have worked. I've been in chronic pain for almost two years so I do take pain medications that which are the only thing that stop my cough for a short time. I work in a cramped office which I disrupt regularly - the office with generic air which seems to trigger the coughing fits. Whenever the vent in my home turns on that triggers the coughing fit. The cold air from the car vent triggers it as well. For the most part though I could just be sitting doing nothing and I start coughing so hard I have loss of bladder control, I throw up any food I have just eaten but usually it's a thick mucus sometimes with small dots of blood, my rib cage hurts so bad, it hurts to laugh even. My entire upper body is constantly sore and tender to touch from this cough. My upper abdomen is swollen and I get full before I've really even eaten. My face is slightly swollen when I wake up and after having coughing fit. Suffering for about 6 months I have pretty much cut out my social life and my attendance suffers because I cannot find a cure for this. I'm 39 and have never been pregnant, and I'm not sure if it is related but, have not had period since May 27, 2009. I can relate to what you are going through but the only answer I have is that percocet seems to work to mask the problem. Since starting this post today I did read a post regarding Lisinopril - which I starting taking for high blood pressure just around the time the cough started. So now instead of thinking that this cough is caused by GERD it may be a combination of GERD and the Lisinopril. If you or anyone else has any answers to really help please I can't take this anymore - I appreciate any positive input. Thank you