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Re: Can this be a Reaction too?

Originally Posted by 5smiles View Post
Hi gcbpgh - I, too, have Sjogrens and live in the Pgh area. I go to a Rheumotologist in Butler, Dr. Mitra. He has been very helpful with all my symptoms and is proactive when any of my #'s change with my bloodwork. So far so good for me with dryness and medications. I take Evoxac and Plaquenil daily with a healthy dose of vitamins and multi-oil complex. Good luck.
Thanks and I am happy that Plaquenil helps you. I had serious side effects from it and could not take it. That's when they switched me to Imuran. The same thing on the side effects. Cellcept is the least as far as the side effects with the exception of my ear and hearing....I am losing my hearing and the noise is enough to drive a person balance is totally off and sometimes I walk like I had way too much to drink for someone who never drank much at all......I don't know what else to do.....if I don't treat the sjogrens then the autoimmune hepatitis will basically destroy my liver completely from everything I have read and what my doctors must be frustrating......I also take many vitamins....good luck to you.

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