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Re: Please help me read parts of my MRI & direct me on what I need to do

Hi! Three weeks isn't that long, sometimes people wait for 2 months so consider yourself lucky! I saw your post in the other thread to so I am going to combine my answer. So sorry you had an automobile accident. It kind of sounds a little like you have a whiplash type injury. Where your head yanked and that is probably how you got the disc bulge protrusions. Because you don't have bone spurs which would indicate an older injury - it does appear this came from the accident.

There is a ligament that runs the length of our spine that helps hold everything in place - they are saying there is no injury there! Central canal is the middle where the spinal cord runs.

Tingling and numbess are quite common when you have anyting touching/rubbing against the spinal cord. That is what is happening to you. The disc bulge is compressing your cord ("mass effect"), but it does not say to what degree or measurement. Even very tiny rubbing or compression can cause symtpoms. The 6th nerve root could cause sensory loss or tingling on the lateral surface of the left arm and/or weakness of flexing at the elbow.
Ventral is just where on the cord on the anterior side - toward front side I think is how to describe it.

I see you have kids. The best thing to do is try to rest as much as possible, let them help you if they are old enough. Don't lift, try not to bend with your head down. Sometimes those bulges shrink back off the structures. See what the neurologist tells you. The good news is it appears like no disc fragment leaked out and into that ligament which is not good and usually needs surgery. Post when you get more info.

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