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Re: Lifetime of problems. Possible cause? Progesterone?

oh hun i know this all to well. and have been dealing with this my whole life.. i wish i could speak to you in voice, there is just to much to say


but if ican get you on the right path with few words, i need to tell you to start to really inform yourself in info. that we both are allergic to this world becasue this world is overly toxic! everything we touch is made in a factory, and what comes out from a factory?? but alot of poison and chemicals! understand that doctors really trually want to help you and believe they are.. but they are working for a system that is not about curing the world or disease, but about money and greed.. and finding new ways to trick you out of your money, like this nose sergery i went threw the same thing 10 years ago and it didnt help me. but how many people have poured thousands of dollars into this for nuthing? im in canada, your in the US.. try to think of the amount of unhappy ripped off people that did the same thing as you, but in 10 years there is no change?? because no one really cares to make that change themself.. :<

i have Eczema so bad I cannot go into the sun, as my body wants to detox but my skin cannot handle the chemicals comming out. and certin foods will trigger this process in your body, like berries... to be allergic to berries is to be allerigc to a superfood... and the sun is the same, you cannot avoid what is good for you only to slowly get worse over time..

I found a great cream that seem to make it go away, the itch stopped the pain and the redness all gone!! it was a very popular known brand too, Aveeno.. so I recommend it to a small child parents as this child seems to have worse eczema then I do.. now I have found out this cream now I found out this cream is very toxic and the areas I have used it on seem almost always numb now… I feel bad for telling someone this was a miracle cure.

There is no metrical cure!!!! and anything you have to buy, is just to fill some elses pocket is going to only make you worse. This is a war, and you need to mad!! inform yourself about all the meds you pump into your body.. dont be afraid to ask if your body needs really needs this? and fight hard. you can cure it, but you REALLY need to inform youself first, it might take years and years like it has for me.. lots of people are waking up all over the world and say "i do not NEED to put sunscreen on my skin eveyday becaseu you tell me i do." when mother nature made foods that naturally protect your skin from the sun. but how often do you find youself eating a mango everyday? vs. buying what is produced in a factory? this is why you are so hungry.

i know you can do it! cuz i am doing it!!! and alot of people in Europe are doing it!!
they do everything first LOL >.>

this is my wake up call to you today.. move out of the system and into more holistic/organic healing, even spiritual healing. this is NOT somethng you can learn overnight It takes years of discipline.. and get a partner, have only people close to you who are also trying to hard to fight these battles of addiction and brainwashing daily.

but dont worry yourself of the things like "having nice clothes, and a good looking girlfriend, or worry that the economy is going to crash and you are going to starve and die." it is all just to keep you scared and shopping.. dont be afraid and UNPLUG!!

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