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17 and parents died

Im 17 years old and one morning I woke up to a pounding on my door. It was the police and he said that neither of my parents showed up for work today. I was quite confused but thought maybe they couldnt get the cars up the driveway because it had recently snowed a lot. The officer tells me to go look around the house and see if theyre still here. I look everywhere and then I go to look in the garage. The first thing I see is my dad dead with a bullet hole in his head. I ran back inside and screamed. It didnt seem real whatsoever. I try calling and texting my mom but theres no answer. Im so distraught that i dont know what to do with myself. Later on at the police station, I find out that my mom was found dead too. It was a murder-suicide. This whole incident was completely and utterly unexpected. Everything seemed fine the night before.

If anyone has been through something similar can you please tell me how they got through it and what they did to live their lives normally. This is just way too much for anyone to every have to go through, let alone a 17 year old kid.

Please help!

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