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Constantly high monocytes since 2002?

Posting this here and in the leukemia forum...

Constantly high monocyes since 2002?
Just curious about this since my doctors only seem to look at my current labs. My mother has CLL, which was first noticed by an elevated Lymphocyte count, and my dad's sister just passed away from Multiple Myeloma, and dad's side (grandfather and 5 great uncles) had some form of cancer or another, and I recently lost a cousin (also dad's side) to AML, so cancer is always a concern. I just noticed that my monocyte count is always flagged by the lab as high. They fluctuate - starting in 2002 they were 10.3, 8.8, 9.0, 8.2, 9.5 and the final one below was in Dec 2008 at 7.9. My sodium levels are always on the low side, I have an elevated ANA and I was just told my Vit. D was low.
I have been going through tons of test to find the cause on my on again/off again fatigue issues and a full sensation under my right rib. Have ruled out endocrine problems, lupus, sclero, RA, hepatitis, AIDS, ulcers, gall bladder, kidney, liver... I'm now going to be tested for bladder cancer. They found blood in my urine and ruled out infection, add to that I'm a smoker so... I get to get a camera shoved into my bladder.

That all being said, my mother is the one who mentioned a form of leukemia because of the elevated monocytes and how her blood work was always normal except for chronic high lymphocytes. I'm posting her hoping that someone can look at these labs and see something familiar and point me in a direction?

WBC - 8.4
RBC - 4.59
HGB - 15.1
HCT - 44.1
MCV - 96.1
MCH - 32.9
MCHC - 34.2
PLT - 235
RDW-CV - 12.6
MPV - 11.6 (H)

Neutrophil - 58.7
Lymphocyte- 28.6
Monocyte - 7.9 (H)
Eosinophil - 3.8
Basophil - 1.0
A Neutrophil - 4.93
A Lymphocyte- 2.40
A Monocyte - .66
A Eosinophil - .32
A Basophil - .08


I also have been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy if that means anything to this.

Thanks in advance.

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