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Re: Please help me read parts of my MRI & direct me on what I need to do

Hard to say what you need to do at this point, other than to keep a journal of some sort of your injuries, when each change in your sensations occured. You will have a lot of things that will run together in the months to come, this will help you to stay focused and not get anxious because you forgot an 'important' fact when you are visiting with the neurologist.
I would suggest that the PT for your cervical injury needs to be handled on the top tiers of your care - what I mean is, do not let your primary doc administer PT, when you have not been evaluated by the nuerologist yet. Your specialist doc will order the necessary testing and three or four weeks out of your accident, they don't usually order another MRI. I know that the primary care docs have their own little PT/OT centers set up,but for spinal - especially cervical spine areas - this is too delicate an area to leave to chance.
This is something I strongly believe in. I have a disc herniation and a disk tear from a t-bone auto accident in 07. I trust my spine doc absolutely, the PM doc - not so much. She never even asked to look at the MRI, could of cared less about the other treatments I already had gone through with the spine doctor and wanted to write a script for PT ... I told her no, that I was in good hands with the orthopedic spine doctor. No chiropractors either for cervical spine - that is a big no no.
Take it one day at a time, you have wonderul resources here on this board and give each one some thought. You will get through this, however overwhelming it may seem at this time. We are here to help.