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Re: I'm 45, have no parents left, and am lost...

I also am without my mom and dad. My Dad died when I was 6 and my Mom died a week before my 21st birthday. I still replay the day she died over and over as I was with her and could do nothing she also died from clot that turned in to pulmonary Emboli, I am now 42 and I miss her every day, and then I feel guilty because I do not miss my dad the same way. I relive all of the happy and not so happy memories and try to make my parents real for my daughter. You are not alone we share your sadness. Always remember there are many of us who cry for our parents in the dark of night. Right now I am wrapping my arms around and giving you a big comforting hug and telling you it will be ok, and we are sharing our sadness.

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