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Re: Chronic itchy clitoral/vulva area, help!


i am also battling a chronic itch. But my itchy is mostly internally, around the opening of my vagina and occasionally on the external vulva and sometimes on my anus itches too . I have been suffering from this itchy/burning sensation for almost 9 months now. I've tested negative for everything too and i use unscented stuff too. Also, ive tried numorous anti-fungal and antibiotic meds...almost everything OTC and prescription you can think of... Eventhough, ive tested negative for everything i honestly think this is yeast that im suffering from. Is it possible to have strains of yeast that are resistant and undetectable?? I want to try the nystatin cream...have any of you tried boric acid supossitories? I want to try those too...thanks for reading.

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