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Re: b12 deficiency

thank you for your reassuring words Chuck or Susan ? I went to the Dr for a blood test ast week to check my b12 levels are actually going up and they are now up to 703 which is much better than the 190 it was 18 months ago. Although I feel better and more coherent does it take 18 months plus to rid myself of these brain fog and memory issues ? To be frank , I do not think my Dr really has a handle on the whole B12 deficiency thing. He did not even know that there was a b12 tab in sublingual form ! I think they work on the assumtion that if you are deficient then you get a standard ( non -methyl) shot every three months and that's it.I have just started taking a sublingual b12 Methylcobalamin 1000mcg every day in addition to my three monthly shots but I will speak to the Dr and see if I can have more frequent shots. Fergus.