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Awake or Asleep - Question for Stapedectomy

Background - I had first stapedectomy on right ear 20+ years ago - everything was great, hearing back, no problems after surgery, etc. During last couple years I have come down with MS and have been undergoing MRI's every 3-5 months. Well, hearing is way down on this ear now - never thought about the device because it was done so long ago. I have constant pressure sound in my ear, dizzyiness and the hearing loss so ENT states must go back in. He stated main reason is to replace the old stainless steel stapes with a ne, none-steel one. He believes the MRI has wiggled the stapes loose. He has explained I may not regain the hearing loss I already have experienced, but he feels if I don't have the surgery, I could loose 100% of the hearing from the device being loose. He has explained I could loose all the hearing from the surgery, facial nerve damage, all the 1% things that could happen. But I realize I must have this done as I have to keep having MRI's due to the MS.. I had the other ear done 1 year after the 1st one and so far its staying good. He does not want to talk about replacing it until we see how this one does.
Main question is how many have you been awake for this? He stated he would prefer me to have just a local. I cannot imagine someone working on my ear as I am lying there. Call me a chicken, but I just dont think I can do it! I realize they give you a minor sedative, but still, I just dont think I can do this. I have had many surgeries unfortunately over the past years and have had a few not pleasant experiences that have occured during these so I think this is where its coming from. He did state he does have some patients be put asleep totally (ga) and he would do this. Can anyone give me their experiences of having this done under a local and I will see how brave I can become! Thanks for your input.

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