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Re: sinusitis again

I don't know if anyone will see this, let alone respond to it, but I just registered for the site because I want to explain my situation and see if anyone has any information that might help me.

I'm 23 years old and have been generally healthy for most of my life. In the winter of my 21st year, I became very ill, probably as ill as I've ever been. I did not have health insurance and never went to a doctor, but I had many cold and flu symptomps, plus real difficulty breathing (I would wheeze a lot when lying down) and I was hacking and coughing up thick yellow phlegm.

Eventually I "got well" in that all of the other symptoms disappeared, aside from the post-nasa drip. The phlegm became much clearer, I no longer coughed up mucus, but rather hacked it up by clearing my throat in a sort of cat-like manner (disgusting noise though). I became basically healthy except for an annoying case of post-nasal drip. During the time that I was still living in the same room, though, (an attic room in an old house) I suffered from a lot of allergy symptoms that had never plagued me before, most notably itchy skin. My skin would itch to the point that I was convinced that I had scabies.

However, when I moved out of this room and back home to my mother's house, all the symptoms stopped. Except the post-nasal drip.

I have continued to suffer from a bad case of post-nasal rip for the past two years. Somehow, I never went to the doctor or even tried to do anything about it. I guess I figured it would eventually clear up on its own? My own thought process during this time is not clear to me.

however, in the past two weeks, I've begun to treat my condition as a sinus infection, and most specifically as fungal infection, although thankfully most if not all of the natural remedies out there that attack fungi also kill bacteria. I'm certain that my condition is improving, although I'm not out of the woods yet. I think the infection may be fungal for a number of reasons. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic implicated fungus in an astonishing majority of cases of chronic sinusitis. My symptoms match many of those found in cases of fungal sinus infection. And I believe that the room I lived in for that year was fungally infected - maybe you'd have to see it to understand, but I could easily believe that some funky fungus was living there. I was also not very cleanly at that stage of my life, which could only contribute to the growth of fungus and mold.

The Post-nasal drip has improved in the past two weeks, though it remains as a problem. Basically, my sinus cavities fill up with too much mucus, too quickly, as a response to the fungus or bacteria in them. It typically slides down my throat, where it gets to be too much, so I hack it up. Or, I don't wait to that point, and I snort it from my sinus cavities above my mouth directly into my throat, then hack it up from there. So, for the past two years, there's basically a minimum interval at which I have to eject mucus from my body - the rate at which my sinuses fill up, I'm guessing.

In the past two weeks, I've noticed that athough I do still hack up lots of mucus (and often just to clear myself out for the sake of the treatment), the rate at which it's being produced seems to be going down, which would indicate to me that the fungus is slowly being destroyed by the tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, garlic, and other supplements i'm using to combat it. I'm just crossing my fingers hoping that a few more weeks of treatment will remove the infection and make me a normal person once again, someone who doesn't have to periodically disappear into the bathroom to hack up mucus.

I'm waiting for the die-off reaction, but its difficult to tell. I've stopped eating sugar, as fungus feeds from this easily, and have begun drinking a lot more water to help flush toxins from my body. One of my symptoms of the sinus infection has been acne. Dubious, you say. Well, I have an identical twin brother, and according to him, his acne (neither of us ever had it bad, normal teenage trouble spots is all) has disappeared in the last few years, presumably just as an effect of getting out of his teens, and that he hardly ever gets pimples anymore. And I know for a fact that his diet is anything but healthy. Not the case with me - I typically have one, maybe two red, angry, largish pimples on my face at a time. As soon as I successfully combat one, another appears. I've read, and it seems plausible, that acne can be a symptom of a sinus infection, esp. if you don't drink enough water, because your body is flushing the toxins that are produced in its war with the infection out through your skin - it's a lot closer than your kidneys and liver, I suppose.

When I first started my treatment, my skin began to clear up, but in the past few days, it's gotten worse again. Back to normal, basically. I'd noticed during the first week of treatment that I was waking up with a bad taste in my mouth - maybe from dead fungus killed in my sleep? I hope so. At the same time that my skin got worse, I developed a sore throat, which I haven't had in years. I'm hoping that the acne and sore throat are symptoms of die-off, but I guess I'll just have to continue the treatment and wait and see. Please let me know if you have any information that can help me. Thanks for reading this.