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Re: Itching & Bruising

I have suffered from itchy skin for over 5 years. There was no reason or rash & my itchiness seemed to be worse at night when my skin became hot. The itchiness would one minute be confined to my legs, then my back, then my arms - all over my body - the only way to control is was to take allergy tablets each night which I have been literally living on for the past 5 years,
I became really distressed over this as just recently it was getting worse - my skin was getting really damaged with all the scratching, I used to scratch so hard I would bruise my skin.
I went to my doctors & he gave me the statutory creams etc & suggested steroid creams which I did not want. I was going back to him after I got back from my holiday. I was really self conscious as my skin looked so awful but I found something that really worked for me
I went to a spice plantation in India where I bought a small pot of aloe vera gel - I have now been back for 3 weeks & since using it I have only taken the allergy tablets twice. When I feel a little itchy I put the gel on & it is soothes it
I researched it on the internet a little more & have found that it should be IASC certified (as some aloe products may contain more water). I bought some over the internet but it is readily available in Holland & Barratt