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Re: first symptoms in ages

Originally Posted by greenteafiend View Post
Hi everyone,
I'm new here! I am a very fortunate MS sufferer in that I was diagnosed 15 years ago and have very few problems since then. I suppose I almost allowed myself to think it wasn't there. However about a month ago my left side at the waist went numb. This crept down my leg and I felt a slight weakness when walking. Just yesterday I felt it worsen and now feel a degree of spasticity in my right leg. I have had no luck so far getting seen by anyone at the hospital (I rang the MS nurse 2 weeks ago but no appointment has come through). I've been "out of the loop" for so long and am a bit scared! Any advice please?
Hi are you in the UK? I once had your problem, I had very few symptoms for over 10 years and then when I started to get more eg nerve pain, spasticity in right leg and arm I too was out of the 'loop'. I saw my GP and I got an appointment with my neurologist, who I hadn't seen since I was diagnosed. That was in 2007 and now I have regular appointments and see my MS nurse who has been very supportive. I found my GP very helpful and he helped me get seen quickly. Hope you sort this out soon. x
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