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Re: Colposcopy Weds- only 19, very nervous.

Don't be nervous, the procedure really isn't that bad. I am going to have my third one on Friday so I know what you are going through. Basically it is similar to a pap in the sense that you are in the stirrups etc, but this time they use a vinegar substance (I believe) on your cervix. They then shine a light on it to see if they can see any lesions. If they see them they snip them off, it is just a pinch and then they do a little scrape of the cervical canal. It doesn't take long at all and you just have some cramping and discharge for a few days (not even as bad as menstrual cramps). I don't mind the procedure, I just worry over the results and the hpv itself.
It will be fine. Good Luck.