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Re: Anybody use a cane? (2 months post-op calcaneal osteotomy/tendon transfer, PTTD)

If your walking 4 miles.. does your foot hurt AT ALL? I mean, is it like back to feeling normal? I don't have torn tendons. My foot tendon is frayed-stretched- plus since my arches gave out my foot is collapsing and ankle going inward. I am "chicken" to do this..I have been contemplating it now for a good while in hopes it won't be as bad as they say; and really, I am waiting and hoping for another "simple" surgery-instead of this one (but doesn't seem to be any other kind..). The last surgeon came recommended and I feel he will be fine, I just have to do it- then deal with the work issue on how I am to do it all, there and here at home, with not much help. I was out last year 5 weeks for another surgery and hate to be out again-but I will have to do it eventually and I don't want to wait too much longer. I am able to walk all day on it, but it hurts-but I can get by. Some days it swells and other days, it does pretty well actually. Sometimes it wakes me up at nights hurting and other times it is fine. I just feel that I am not "that" bad to do such a long horrible surgery-altho it is not what the drs. tell me. I mean, I AM able to do stuff, don't get me wrong-but I can't go walking 4 miles..I have to get up and down a whole lot in my job daily and I am able to do it without much pain some days, and others-even though it hurts, I just keep going. I wish there was an easy way instead of the surgery. I tried wraps, the supports, the braces on both feet for a year - the ones that go up to your ankle..-o that was fun..-and just continue to wear my special orthodicts in my shoes. Now since my foot is flattening out, my dr. said I will need to get another 1/2 half size in shoe and make sure the toe area is rounded and large. On top of this I have the bunion beneath the big toe which hurts me and a smaller bunion on the side of the bone for my little toe. I am hoping when I do this-that he will just do it all. I am afraid of the hard long ago a podiatrist put me in one and I think that it is what stretched my tendon like this-my foot swelled so bad that I went to the ER and demanded they just cut the thing off. I never went back to him. I think it would be easier if I were retired and didn't have to work and all with my foot mending- but in another 8 months, I will have almost a month vacation at work- and that would surely help...I can do it-providing I can be in a boot- and not the hard cast. I think they tell you to keep the foot up for 6 weeks? I've got to motivate myself to do this... Thanks for your input.