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Re: Anybody use a cane? (2 months post-op calcaneal osteotomy/tendon transfer, PTTD)

Hi LisaBdot,

I am 4 months post weils osteotomy. I actually asked about a cane today as I feel that I need one to take the weight off my left hip a bit more. After favoring my right foot post surgery, my hip is very painful and I am having my tendons cut next week to try to flatten the toes.

I am very unhappy with the whole thing, but only time will tell I guess.

All the best to you,


Originally Posted by LisaBdot View Post
Hey all you lovely, smart people!

I'm two months post op, doing so much better than I thought possible at this point. Getting around reasonably well at 50% or so PWB in a boot with a walker most of the time. Some of the time I still use the Roll-a-bout (I can't carry much when I'm using the walker--a lunch plate in the totebag is so messy). I almost never use anything for pain anymore, and while I'm still swollen all of the time, iceing daily isn't an imperative (did get some Jobst hose, though). Pretty much everything I was concerned about at my last post is not overwhelming, and I'm grateful.

My PT's wife had the same surgery by the same doc one week before me. At my last PT appointment, she came sashaying in, WALKING!--NO CRUTCHES! I am elated to think that may soon be me. My PT says it will likely depend upon how the osteotomy looks in an X-ray, and that the PWB will actually have helped the bone to heal more quickly (more weight-bearing exercise, more bone growth). Too late to not get my hopes up, but I see my surgeon again Monday...

It occurred to me today that, at this point, I might actually do as well or better with a cane than the walker. Then I'd have at least one free hand. Might be moot by Monday, but right this minute, I'm sort of chafing at the bit. I crave that little bit of extra freedom. Did any of you use a cane at some point?