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Re: Awake or Asleep - Question for Stapedectomy

Originally Posted by deafleopard View Post
This post got my attention because I just had a Stapedectomy in January.
It turned out very well and I can hear great now out of the operated ear.
I am scheduled to have an MRI in May on my head to look at my pituitary
gland and now I don't want to do it. I had Titanium stapes replacement which I am told is non magnetic but I am worried it will be vibrated loose from the MRI anyway. If you were me would you do this MRI??

Thanks for the advice.
You should've gotten an MRI card showing info about your prostethisis. Now a days they are safe for MRI, and most titanium rods are clamp on real tight too. the one I have he told me is some some sort of self sealing clamp and it doesnt' move at all. Mine is titanium too. I never had an MRI though, but I have a card about it just in case. Just ask your doctor about it and see what he says about the MRI.