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foot drop scared and full of questions

Hi, I had mortons neuroma surgery in December. My podiatrist removed the neuroma between the second and third toe, going through the top of my foot.
I have now been dx with foot drop and peroneal neuropathy by a neurologist.
I cant stand on my tip toes or heel walk and my foot drags if I dont lift my leg high to take a step. My neurologist is sending me to USF to have a neurological professor do all my testing EMG NVC and a arterial doppler test.
I now have to do physical therapy and get an AFO brace. And have an MRI.
So please excuse the length of this post but I am scared and have many questions and hope some of you who have experience with these things can help. Okay first question I am scared to death of needles and I understand the EMG is done with needles so be honest everyone is this very painful?
Okay secondly This AFO brace are they comfortable do they fit in your shoes easily and are they hard to walk with? Third The neurologist dx me with foot drop by testing she did while I was standing and walking, also a resistance test while I was sitting, when I am laying on the bed I can flex my toes and ankle futher towards me than when I am standing(not nearly as far as my good foot) Is this normal for drop foot, I thought when you have drop foot you couldnt flex toward you at all? Thanks for taking the time to read this any advice please??? scared and nervous

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