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My so is 3 and they are telling me he may have some sort of autism please help me!!!

My little guy just turned 3 4 weeks ago. He does attend a pre-school 3 days a week. He loves it!! I did have concerns for him with speech so i called my school district for some early intervention. My son does qualify for speech, ot,and physical therapy. My son is very smart before he could talk he knew all of his abc's can count up to 50 know's all of his colors, shapes and can even read a little bit!! I was told today that i should have him checked out with a neurologist. He does get upset when a dog barks or if the vacuum is running. But he loves to be around other kids and does like to jump and run and have a good time. I was told by the person who evaluated him at his school today that he was easily distracted and needed re direction and would wait awhile to answer her questions or just not answer her. I am heart broken. Why are these kids labeled for everything? May be i am in denial i do not know. Does anyone have a child with similar behavior???? She also suggested that i put him in a special education pre-school to recieve speech, pt,and ot. She did not come out and say that he had autism but was dropping hints about "" the spectrum"" please help me!!!

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