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atypical gallbladde symptoms

Hi, I am a 40 yr old mother of four an a full time RN. I have suffered from generalized stomach upset for years now. But approx. a year ago, I started having left sided chest pain , pressure, SOB. and alot of belching. I refused an EGD at that time. In the last month the symptoms have become more intense and more frequent, resulting in alot of anxiety. I gave in and had the EGD, which was completely normal. I had a HIDA scan which showed an ejection fraction of 17%. My doctor thinks the symptoms are probably my gallbladder, but from everything I've read and the patients I've cared for, I've never heard of anybody experiencing gallbladder symptoms mainly on the left side of their chest. I also feel it all the way up the middle of my chest, up my neck at times, also in my left shoulder and through to my back sometimes. I often feel a lump feeling in my throat, but have been cleared of having GERD. I don't have nausea or any pain over the gallbladder area, just frequent/occasional generalized stomach upset and difficulty having a good bowel movement and a ton of belching. nexium, prilosec and any other antacids don't help and symptoms have been occuring whether I eat or not, though it does tend to be worse sometimes after eating.

Has anybody else experienced atypical symptoms like this?

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