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Re: foot drop scared and full of questions

Originally Posted by kellyevans40 View Post
Thank you so much for your advice, I am glad to hear the needles are very thin.
My appt. is March 29th.I am also glad to hear that your foot drop resolved with physical therapy. You still have the pain? Have your doctors said that the pain is permanent, or do they say it will also resolve with time? Also does your foot turn colors mine will turn a deep bluish purple color when i take a shower or put my barefoot down on the ground it changes color in about 4 to 5 minutes?
I do still have pain. The neuro told me that nerves can heal themselves over time and it was no way for him to tell if that would be the case with me. I had an arthroscopy to remove scar tissue that was impinging my joint and it was during this surgery that the peroneal nerve was damaged or at least irritated because I immediately had shooting pains into my big toe as soon as the block wore off. Tha initial intense pain did get better but has never completely gone away. we can't know for sure if mine is due to scar tissue compressing the nerve or if it is damaged. I tend to lean toward damaged since it has been there since surgery. My ortho has been doing nerve blockis by injection for the last year. I cant do this forever though. Too many injections can cause damage, according to my surgeon. He could go in and do a nerve release but I have been hesitant to do so since it may not do anything for me if it is indeed damaged. That would be my fourth surgery on this foot and the trauma of that has it's own set of rrisks.

I am on Cymbalta which has helped a lot with the pain. My last injection was in January and is now starting to wear off. So I'll be faced with having to decide on the surgery or not. I just don't know if I can bring myself to do it though.

Regarding the foot changing colors; it will be redder than the other on occassion. I have not had the purplish, deep red color (xcept for the first couple of months following my PTT surgery) How long ago was your surgery?