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Re: Sinus Tachycardia from a back injury?

You can always be tested for POTS to rule it out. But standing and sitting and blood pressure changes are also involved in POTS diagnosis but they have the tilt table testing that you can do to rule it out. The 80 - 100 isn't tachycardia though just an elevated heart rate. The 100 - 140 that you have would be sinus tachycardia. I personally believe that something related to the stomach could bring on tachycardia but that's just my opinion. You could also ask your cardiologist to allow you to wear a holter moniter and that would allow you to record your heart rate for several days and you would note in a journal what was going on when it increases allowing them to diagnose you better to see when it happens activity wise. I would go with one of these two options. I've researched this subject for 18 years because I had AVNRT (which I just had a successful ablation for finally) and it took me 17 years to get a diagnosis so I had to learn practically everything about heart rhythm issues to try and live with my condition until I was finally diagnosed and had the ablation. But I would say those two tests would be what you might want to request from the doctors. You would need a heart rate of at least 140 bpm to qualify for an SVT so that you could pretty much rule that out (mine was always 180 - 240 when I had my SVT's). Those two tests should pretty much tell the cardiologist what is happening with you. Best Wishes.