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Good neighbors gone bad!!!

We have lived next to a couple about are age for 4 years. When we first moved in they were great to talk with and we spent many time having cookouts and going out for diner with them. After about 2years they would make plans with us and wouldn't show up, not even a phone call. They were invited to are sons birthday party and said they would be there. They never showed up or even called to let us know they couldn't make it. This last week they wanted to get together with us and go out for diner. They called and said they would call me on my cell phone and meet us for diner. Then they called and said they would call and just meet us for drinks. They never called us back. We made plans for a sitter and went out expecting to meet them and they never showed up or called. We were irritated and are feelings were hurt. This has happened too many times before and don't understand why they do this to us. We began to question ourselves and wonder if we're the one with a problem. I don't understand how people can be sooo hurtful.

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