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Re: Good neighbors gone bad!!!

I know! Made friends with a new neighbor across the street. Have had no problems with any around me. I went to all of her goofy buy stuff from me type parties and bought stuff.
Invited her and some niece or nephew over to swim in my pool and she was very put off that I made her think it was a "built in" pool when actually it was an above ground and yes, she actually said this to me.

I was like Then go away woman. She cooled it with me after that and no more invites for me to her "buy stuff from me" parties. Then she divorced from her husband and that's the last I heard from her.

Just maybe cut off with them. There is no excuse for rudeness. What they are doing is just plain rude. How would THEY like it? I'll bet they'd be all over you about it and stop speaking to you all together. Maybe this is the plan?
Get new ones. Throw the old/bad ones away!! Life's too short to even be around losers like them!!