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Re: Good neighbors gone bad!!!

I would definately not confront them or anything, but from now on, if they invite, I would just politely say you have plans. Either that, or tell them you would like to if they actually show up this time......but not in a mean sassy way. The last thing you want to do is make enemies with your neighbors. I have a pair right now who are really into driving their 4 wheelers accross my land and tearing it up. They think because we live in the country, and I own a lot of land, that it shouldnt matter. But it does! arggggg! And fighting with them is getting old and I'm ready to pack my bags and move over it all. Sounds to me like this is just habit for your neighbors and my guess is they treat everyone like that. And I definately wouldnt take it to heart like there is something wrong with you, they are the ones who are inconsiderate. And it does hurt. I imagine it's kinda like being stood up for a date. You get all done up, your ready to go, and nobody shows. Some people just suck! Like I said, It's fine to still chit chat in a neighborly fashion, but I wouldnt count on them for anything and I certainly wouldnt make plans.