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Worried about deep inguinal staph abscess

I'm new to the board a looking for some help/information if possible. I had an abscess removed surgically from my right hip one week ago on 03/16/10. I thought it looked like an inguinal hernia as far as location goes after it appeared 03/12/10 but it was growing daily, was red and tender, and was hard. I saw 2 physicians 03/15/10 and had 2 images (doppler/CT) and surgery was scheduled the next day as a lymph node was enlarged. I was informed the suspicious lymph node was located on an abscess. These were reported to me to be deep, and were removed and biopsied, and I was informed this was negative for cancer and positive for Staph infection "don't worry, not the MRSA kind". I am allergic to flouroquinolones, so was placed on Augmentin, had 2 hives break out, and was switched to the generic med for Bactrim. So the incision was closed with dermaglue and stitches, no drain, and now one week later the area just below the surgical site is getting larger, hard and tender again. I have 3 worries:
1. The infection is still there.
2. The infection could spread to my bone, heart valves, bloodstream.
3. Now a second abscess has formed and will need surgery to remove it again.
I am going to see the surgeon again for a followup and I was wondering about ANY suggestions you have in the meanwhile. Things I could ask the doctor, should I have a drain put in, is Bactrim not working, I don't know anything the collective expertise on this board can offer.
Thanks so much for all your help. By the way, I am 34 years old with no other health issues to speak of.

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