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Smile Re: Caffiene! How Much-How Little and Why?

I appreciate your comments and thoughts Titchou....

Ya know today as I was drinking my coffee and feeling fast heart beats
(or so it seemed) I thought stop stop and drink some herbal tea! I meant
to start my changes last week but have not as yet. Also the soft drinks
I know need to be eliminated from my diet also. So again better now then
never and I am off to the store to do some shopping and herbal tea is for
sure on the list. I'll be sure it's decaf too! Gosh no that
will be a real challenge....although just having a piece here and there instead
of 2 full candy bars would be helpful eh. I am allergic to wines....get the
hives and stuff but I will check into something more compatible.

It's so nice to have this forum (I am new) and still learning the ropes
and all but am so glad to be here and a member. Thanks for stopping
by my post.

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