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Re: I think I'm Borderline -Sad and confused


I have an issue with my girlfriend at the moment, she shut down and will not and has not spoken one single word to me in 8 weeks, I have been to a Psych and been told my gf more than likely has BPD.

She could not get enough of me in the beginning and was obsessed with me, wanted me to tell her I loved her after one week. I then had to tell her all the time every day, when I did tell her she would say I did not love her I did not care about her etc, then she started to say she hated me then an hour later asked if I loved her and started say she missed me etc.

Basically it was up / down and push/pull all the time. She said she started to fall in love with me then said she was having ''strange'' feelings which scared her, anyhow, we where getting along great and she was talking about us being together for a long time, next things she send me an email saying she did not love me and she did not even like me, she has refused to answer my call or messages or even speak to me from that day to this.

I was near her house on Friday night, I bought her flowers and knocked on the door, she would not open it, just kept saying sorry, said she cannot see my face and I cannot see her like this, like what I asked but got no answer. I left the flowers there and drove away. Still not heard from her.

The thing is I read everywhere tha Borderlines cannot stand to be alone, they either suck the partner back in or move on to the next, she has done neither, I notice in your post that you said you told people to F**off and would not speak to them for months, was that friends or boyfriends, did you just find the next guy and move on, did you stay alone for a few months? Hope you dont mind my questions but I love this girl so much and would do anything to get her back, any advise you can offer or any similar scenarios to yourself would be so much appreciated