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Re: Anybody use a cane? (2 months post-op calcaneal osteotomy/tendon transfer, PTTD)

Hi Sally,
How's the decision making going today? No matter what we have done to our feet, it's a BIG deal! Our poor feet are necessary for so much of the pleasures we get from living. They help us go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, a tissue to blow our nose, or take a walk in the spring air...and on and on....

I went back to the doctor yesterday and got the OK to lose the boot, and put my sneaker back on. I am almost at 10 weeks, and was thrilled. However, my foot still feels pretty useless, and it is quite uncomfortable to try to walk. I am trying, but still need my walker for a lot of support..

I start PT next week and I believe that will help me learn how to use my new bionic foot. (2 plates and 7 screws) If it sounds like I'm bragging - I am.

I hope you can come to terms with your decision to have your surgery. If you've asked around and found an experienced doctor, then that's a big piece of the puzzle. If you're not sure about your doctor, go get a second and third opinion. Don't be scared to slow down and take more time if you need to decide.

All the doctors I saw were very clear about the fact that surgery is a big decision, and recommended taking plenty of time to think it all through.

I will know next January - 1 year after the surgery - if I'm better off, but I'm confident I couldn't stand the pain I was in any longer and it was worth the risk for me.

Take care, and please share your thoughts and concerns on my favorite site. The people here are so helpful.

Happy Weekend!