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Smile Non-Displaced chip fracture of Anterior Calcaneus (heel) Questions

On 3/6 I was walking down and step and turned around to talk to a friend and completely missed the step inverting my ankle and landing on it. Initially it hurt like hell, but I've sprained my ankle many times and figure I'd just walk it out. Swelling and bruising occurred within seconds around the top of the talus. I ended up walking to the car and walking up my stairs to my apartment slowly but was weight bearing just fine. Went to bed that night and propped it up on pillows and iced it. Woke up in the morning to go to the bathroom and couldn't even put pressure on it. It felt as if I had no joints or bones connected. This was odd for me since I had fractured my right and left ankle on different occasions years before (1995, 1999) and I was always able to walk on my injuries.

Went to the ER and was told I had a chip fracture of the Talus and given an air cast. I had already been using crutches since I couldn't even walk without them and was told to go to an orthopedic doctor. Saw the Orthopedic Dr 3 days later and was told that he wasn't exactly sure I had a fracture of not and sent me to get a CT scan and gave me a walking air cast boot and told to walk on it when I was able. It took me a day to walk on it without crutches, but after that I was a happy girl to be mobile and without aching hands/wrists.

Got my results from CT scan and saw Orthopedic Dr and was informed I did have a non-displaced chip fracture of the Anterior Calcaneus (heel bone) and he said some mumble jumble about the Talus bone and Subtalar joint, informing me I had a unique and rare fracture and there is a 20% chance I'll need surgery. I understand it's a common reason for developing arthritis when the Subtalar joint or Talus bone is injured, so I understand it's a possibility. I am just hoping it isn't a surgery I'll ever need, especially not one now. I am allowed to stay in the walking boot and walk on it and even informed I could take it off when I am sitting as long as I don't move my foot all around and stretch it a bunch.

I am almost 3 weeks in and it feels decent except for pain in my heel when walking on it for awhile and my inability to sleep at night with my damn boot on. He told me I should sleep with it since I may move my foot in my sleep, but I can't seem to do it! I try instead to wear my boot throughout the day to make up for the fact I am not wearing it at night. I have an appointment April 14th, which will be 5 weeks with Air Boot and almost 6 weeks since injury. He said if I am itchin' to get the air boot off and if x-rays come out okay, there is a possibility I can get it off! I am hoping for the best.

Has anyone experienced any annoyances with the air boot at night? Do you sleep with it on?

I have also been going to the gym and doing a lot of upper body and core exercises, but I am seeing that my calf muscle in my hurt foot is already shrinking. Any suggestions on how to work my calf without injuring my foot. I believe the injury and the immobilization is to prevent the up and down (plantarflexion/dorsiflexion) motion of my foot/ankle so any suggestions on ways I can exercise my calf would be helpful!

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