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H Pylori, Celiac, Bad EDC Colonoscopy experience

Okay I am just looking to vent right now. I went in for a Scope on Weds. What a disaster!!!! I had an EDC and Colonoscopy. I woke up 3 times during the procedure, threw up twice during and had severe panic, pain and difficulty breathing. Never let anyone say it "is a cakewalk". It was a nightmare for me due to lack of proper sedation. I was there from 230pm to 730 pm. I filed a major complaint with the hospital today. They sent me home covered in my own throw up.

Always ask if they have a Anethesiologist present to step in incase you do not stay asleep. It was a mess. My IV came out and they could not get it back in. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So today they call me and tell me my Celiac biopsy is not back yet but I showed positive for Acute and Chronic Severe H Pylori Bacteria. Which he pointed out has very similar symptoms as Celiac. He said he feels I have Celiac but I definately have this. So I start 3 medications tomorrow for 14 days.

He also wants me to have an Upper GI to see why my food is getting stuck since nothing showed on the EDC.

He said that even though H Pylori is a Bacteria it is also causes an Immune response and can cause explosive watery diarrhea.

Any thoughts on this? Oleander

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