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Smile Re: Caffiene! How Much-How Little and Why?

Originally Posted by Jason Ramirez View Post
I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago. I was a coffee addict and could gulp 4 to 8 cups a day! To say I was a little high-strung is an understatement. Iím not sure whether it was the coffee or my diet, but my blood pressure was affected and the doctor has told me to be careful. Iíve been on a heart healthy diet since and that includes no coffee! I do however, take a cocoa tea (CocoPure) instead Ė itsí one of those heart-healthy beverages containing green tea, resveratrol and pure cocoa. All three are nutrients considered to support healthy cholesterol levels and support normal blood pressure. I havenít been on medication so far which is great!
Hello Jason,

Cocoa Tea....? I will read up on that. So you were a coffee addict....and
your blood pressure affected is mine I believe but I am already
making changes.

No medications for you and a healthy diet! Congrats!

Thanks for dropping in.....